Vibration Attenuation in Rotating Machines Using Smart Spring Mechanism

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This paper proposes a semiactive vibration control technique dedicated to a rotating machine passing by its critical speed during the transient rotation, by using a Smart Spring Mechanism (SSM). SSM is a patented concept that, using an indirect piezoelectric (PZT) stack actuation, changes the stiffness characteristics of one or more rotating machine bearings to suppress high vibration amplitudes. A Genetic Algorithm (GA) optimization technique is used to determine the best design of the SSM parameters with respect to performance indexes associated with the control efficiency. Additionally, the concept of ecologically correct systems is incorporated to this work including the PZT stack energy consumption in the indexes considered for the optimization process. Simulation carried out on Finite Element Method (FEM) model suggested the feasibility of the SSM for vibration attenuation of rotors for different operating conditions and demonstrated the possibility of incorporating SSM devices to develop high-performance ecologic control systems.



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Mathematical Problems In Engineering. New York: Hindawi Publishing Corporation, p. 14, 2011.