Degradación y recuperación de varistores de ZnO

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In the present work it was studied the main aspect that influences on degradation and physical-chemical properties at grain-boundary region of metal oxide varistors and its consequences on microstructure and nonohmic electric properties. Based on the comprehension of the degradation aspects it was proposed some methodologies to recover the varistors nonohmic properties after being failed with long (2000 μs) and short current pulses (8/20 μs). Our analysis shown that one of the cause of degradation process is related to the lowering of oxygen species amount at grain-boundary region. Therefore, it is possible to re-promote oxygen enrichment of such regions by specific thermal treatments in rich oxygen atmospheres (the best condition found in the present work was temperatures around 900°C for 2 h at an oxygen flux of 15 1/h). The proposed nonohmic properties recovering procedure appear to be valid for all kind metal oxide varistors studied and is very important from technological point of view.



Degradation, Electrical properties, Thermal treatments, Varistors

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Boletin de la Sociedad Espanola de Ceramica y Vidrio, v. 45, n. 5, p. 346-351, 2006.