Física dos anos iniciais: Estudo sobre a queda livre dos corpos atravées da metodologia da mediação dialéetica

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The model used in Brazilian schools, based on both traditional and progressive education, transmits information without worrying to show the real meaning of things, and without taking into consideration the previous knowledge of the pupil. How to work with the contents of human knowledge in a meaningful way? One alternative way is the Methodology of Dialectical Mediation (MDM), which consists in four steps or pedagogical moments, rescuing, problem posing, systematizing and producing. This theoretical option considers the educational work as a relationship involving teaching, learning and contents, which are taken as independent moments tightly connected to the ongoing work, instead of isolated elements or static terms. The aim of the present work is to clarify the Methodology of Dialectical Mediation and develop a class proposal according to the MDM approach to the problem of the free falling bodies (gravity, material means and shape). To evaluate the methodology, questionnaires were applied after experiments, with the involvement of students at each predominant moment. The results suggested that the MMD, combined with experimental activity, is a tool that enhances the overcoming of immediate knowledge, allowing students to reach a better understanding of the scientific knowledge. © The Sociedade Brasileira de Física.



Methodology of dialectical mediation, Physics education

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Revista Brasileira de Ensino de Fisica, v. 35, n. 3, 2013.