Polymics in the digital media about religious education: The detachment and the discursive and ethical bias

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This article is based on the problematic about the polemic proposed by Ruty Amossy, in order to deal with a particular polemic issue related to conceptions about religious education that circulate in the Brazilian public space. With a specific corpus, we seek to study how this polemic works in the Internet space, especially how it is manifested in the detachments of the titles. The strategies of constitution of the corpus themselves - with investigations using advanced Google commands, copying search results titles, spreadsheet data, using a system for checking trends and using a word cloud generation tool - point out ways for the analysis, revealing the contours of the polemic. The term “confessional religious education” is a point of tension of the polemic in question here.



Digital media, Polemic, Religious education

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Discurso y Sociedad, v. 12, n. 3, p. 521-535, 2018.