The Industrial Landscape. Approach to the Design of a Methodological Basis for its Study, Enhancement, and Intervention

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Dorado, María Isabel Alba
de Oliveira, Eduardo Romero [UNESP]
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The industrial landscape currently configures a phenomenon of extraordinary complexity and diversity whose study has been belatedly approached by scientific activity in general. This article aims to deepen the knowledge of these landscapes and advance in the design of a series of guidelines that serve as a methodological basis for their study, enhancement and intervention from their heritage and cultural consideration. The method used is based on prior knowledge of these landscapes and the most relevant methodological trends applied to the study of the landscape from the second half of the 20th century to the present in an international and interdisciplinary field of reflection. Subsequently, we proceed to analyze to what extent the set of methodological approaches previously studied allow us to respond to the specific needs of those landscapes generated by industrial decline. From this study it is concluded that at present we find ourselves in a situation at a conceptual and methodological level that is insufficient to address in depth the study and intervention of these landscapes. This confirms the need to advance in the contribution of improvements and innovations that lead to the design of a methodology for these landscapes that considers, among others, issues such as their specificity and identity, their complexity, the diversity of scales in which they participate, its dynamic and highly anthropized character, etc. through a method that approaches from its study to its management, integrating an interdisciplinary approach and incorporating the use of digital tools.
Cultural landscape, industrial heritage, landscape analysis, landscape intervention
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Architecture, City and Environment, v. 16, n. 48, 2022.