A novel programmable PFC based hybrid rectifier for ultra clean power application

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A novel hybrid high power rectifier capable to achieve unity power factor is proposed in this paper. Single-phase SEPIC rectifiers are associated in parallel with each leg of three-phase 6-pulse diode rectifier resulting in a programmable input current waveform structure. In this paper it is described the principles of operation of the proposed converter with detailed simulation and experimental results. For a total harmonic distortion of the input line current (THDI) less than 2% the rated power of the SEPIC rectifiers is 33%. Therefore, power rating of the SEPIC parallel converters is a fraction of the output power, on the range of 20% to 33% of the nominal output power, making the proposed solution economically viable for high power installations, with fast pay back of the investment. Moreover, retrofits to existing installations are also possible with this proposed topology, since the parallel path can be easily controlled by integration with the already existing de-link. Experimental results are presented for a 3 kW implemented prototype, in order to verify the developed analysis.



Hybrid power rectifiers, Linear filters, Three phase power factors, Electric converters, Electric network topology, Electric rectifiers, Electric transformers, Parallel processing systems, Programmable logic controllers, Electric power systems

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PESC Record - IEEE Annual Power Electronics Specialists Conference, v. 3, p. 2172-2177.