The first species of Aplastodiscus endemic to the Brazilian Cerrado (Anura, Hylidae)

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Berneck, Bianca V. M. [UNESP]
Giaretta, Ariovaldo A.
Brandão, Reuber A.
Cruz, Carlos A. G.
Haddad, Célio F. B. [UNESP]
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The genus Aplastodiscus includes 14 nominal species in four monophyletic groups with occurrence in the Atlantic Forest and Brazilian Cerrado (Brazilian Savanna) of South America. A recent study reviewed the taxonomy and phylogenetic relationships of the genus and suggested a third species for the A. perviridis Group. Herein, on the basis of morphology and advertisement call, we describe this species and test its monophyly. The new species is the only Aplastodiscus with endemic occurrence in the Cerrado Biome. In addition, its geographical distribution and conservation status are discussed.
Aplastodiscus lutzorum sp. n, Cophomantinae, Integrative taxonomy, New species
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ZooKeys, v. 2017, n. 642, p. 115-130, 2017.