A multi-objective evaluation of the impact of the penetration of Distributed Generation

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This paper proposes a methodology to consider the effects of the integration of DG on planning. Since DG has potential to defer investments in networks, the impact of DG on grid capacity is evaluated. A multi-objective optimization tool based on the meta-heuristic MEPSO is used, supporting an alternative approach to exploiting the Pareto front features. Tests were performed in distinct conditions with two well-known distribution networks: IEEE-34 and IEEE-123. The results combined minimization and maximization in order to produce different Pareto fronts and determine the extent of the impact caused by DG. The analysis provides useful information, such as the identification of futures that should be considered in planning. A future means a set of realizations of all uncertainties. MEPSO also presented a satisfactory performance in obtaining the Pareto fronts. © 2011 IEEE.



Distributed Generation, Distribution planning, Multi-objective evolutionary particle swarm optimization, Multi-objective optimization, Alternative approach, Evolutionary particle swarm optimizations, Metaheuristic, Multi objective, Multi objective optimizations (MOO), Pareto front, Distributed power generation, Exhibitions, Multiobjective optimization, Smart power grids, Pareto principle

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IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe.