Uniaxial stress relaxation measurement in fluoroindate glasses

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Filho, Barros D.A.
Ferraz, A. Machado
Messaddeq, Younes [UNESP]
Aegerter, M. A.

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Glasses of composition 40InF3-20SrF2-16BaF2-20ZnF 2-2GdF3-2NaF (mol%) have been prepared under controlled atmosphere. The time response of the stresses under the application of a constant strain was determined by microellipsometer technique, performed in ambient atmosphere at T < Tg = 294°C. The glasses show a Newtonian behavior at small stress level. During the relaxation process, very small grooves perpendicular to the applied strain appeared on the glass surface and affected its behavior after a time. The formation of these grooves is associated with the ambient atmosphere. Measurements in dry atmosphere showed that humidity was an important parameter in the relaxation process.



Atmospheric humidity, Composition, Ellipsometry, Indium compounds, Mechanical variables measurement, Molecules, Newtonian flow, Oxides, Strain, Stress relaxation, Thermal effects, Water, Dilation, Fluoroindate glasses, Grooves, Microellipsometer technique, Stress relaxation measurement, Optical glass

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Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, v. 213-214, p. 336-340.