TG studies of a composite solid rocket propellant based on HTPB-binder

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Rocco, JAFF
Lima, JES
Frutuoso, A. G.
Iha, K.
Ionashiro, Massao [UNESP]
Matos, JR
Suarez-Iha, MEV
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Kluwer Academic Publ
Thermal decomposition kinetics of solid rocket propellants based on hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene-HTPB binder was studied by applying the Arrhenius and Flynn-Wall-Ozawa's methods. The thermal decomposition data of the propellant samples were analyzed by thermogravimetric analysis (TG/DTG) at different heating rates in the temperature range of 300-1200 K. TG curves showed that the thermal degradation occurred in three main stages regardless of the plasticizer (DOA) raw material, the partial HTPB/IPDI binder and the total ammonium perchlorate decompositions. The kinetic parameters E-a (activation energy) and A (pre-exponential factor) and the compensation parameter (S-p) were determined. The apparent activation energies obtained from different methods showed a very good agreement.
AP/HTPB, Flynn-Wall-Ozawa's method, kinetic parameters, thermogravimetric analysis
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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publ, v. 77, n. 3, p. 803-813, 2004.