Repetibilidade de resposta superovulatória em vacas de raça Holandesa

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Arquivo Brasileiro Medicina Veterinaria Zootecnia


The purpose of this study was to estimate the repeatability of transferable embryos in Holstein cows and to evaluate the effects of the year, season and order of the superovulation on the number of total structures, transferable embryos, non-transferable embryos and ovules. Four hundred and eighty-six superovulations were used in the analysis. The year of superovulation affected significantly all traits (P<0.01); however, we did not find effects of the season of the year. Superovulation order affected the total structures (P<0.01) and non-transferable embryos (P<0.05). The repeatability of the transferable embryo was 0.28 +/- 0.05. Positive correlations were found among total structures and transferable embryos (0.73) and total structure and ovule (0.51).



Embryo, Holstein cows

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Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia. Minas Gerais: Arquivo Brasileiro Medicina Veterinaria Zootecnia, v. 49, n. 1, p. 31-38, 1997.