Fatty acids profile and alteration of lemon seeds extract (Citrus limon) added to soybean oil under thermoxidation

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Luzia, Débora Maria Moreno [UNESP]
Jorge, Neuza [UNESP]

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This paper aimed at evaluating fatty acids profile and the total alteration of lemon seeds extract added to soybean oil under thermoxidation, verifying the isolated and synergistic effect of these antioxidants. Therefore, Control treatments, LSE (2,400 mg/kg Lemon Seeds Extract), TBHQ (mg/kg), Mixture 1 (LSE + 50 mg/kg TBHQ) and Mixture 2 (LSE + 25 mg/kg TBHQ) were subjected to 180 C for 20 h. Samples were taken at 0, 5, 10, 15 and 20 h intervals and analyzed as for fatty acid profile and total polar compounds. Results were subjected to variance analyses and Tukey tests at a 5% significance level. An increase in the percentage of saturated fatty acids and mono-unsaturated, and decrease in polyunsaturated fatty acids was observed, regardless of the treatments studied. For total polar compounds, it was verified that Mixtures 1 and 2 presented values lower than 25% with 20 h of heating, not surpassing the limits established in many countries for disposal of oils and fats under high temperatures, thus proving the synergistic effect of antioxidants. © 2011 Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India).



Fatty acids, Gas chromatography, Thermoxidation, Total polar compounds, Control treatments, Fatty acid profiles, Fatty acids profiles, Polar compounds, Significance levels, Synergistic effect, Variance analysis, Antioxidants, Mixtures, Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Saturated fatty acids, Soybean oil, Citrus fruits, Citrus limon, Glycine max

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Journal of Food Science and Technology, v. 50, n. 5, p. 965-971, 2013.