Consensus-Based Distributed Control for Improving the Sharing of Unbalanced Currents in Three-phase Three-wire Isolated Microgrids

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Burgos-Mellado, Claudio
Donoso, Felipe
Llanos, Jacqueline
Martinez-Gomez, Manuel
Morales-Paredes, Helmo K. [UNESP]
Torres, Miguel

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This paper proposes a secondary distributed control strategy to achieve the sharing of unbalanced currents between 3-leg power converters, operating under droop control, in a three-phase three-wire isolated Microgrid (MG). To this end, a modified Q-E droop controller is used, where new control actions are defined to achieve the unbalanced currents sharing amongst the converters. These control actions are generated, in the secondary control level, by a consensus-based algorithm, where the consensus variables correspond to the single-phase reactive powers of the converters. This paper shows that sharing negative sequence current components amongst the power converters can be managed by achieving a consensus (per phase) of single-phase reactive powers. Extensive simulations demonstrate the excellent performance of the proposed controller.



Consensus protocol, Distributed control, Imbalance Sharing, Isolated Microgrid, Single-Phase Reactive Power

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2021 6th IEEE Workshop on the Electronic Grid, eGRID 2021.