Bandgap voltage reference with low susceptibility to electromagnetic interference (EMI)

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De Souza, Flávio Queiroz [UNESP]
Oki, Nobuo [UNESP]

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In this paper, the susceptibility of a current-mode bandgap voltage reference to electromagnetic interference (EMI) superimposed to the power supply is investigated by simulation. Designed for AMS 0.35 CMOS process, the circuit provides a stable voltage reference in the temperature range of -40-150°C. When EMI disturbances are present, the circuit exhibits only 6.7 mV of offset for interfering signals in the frequency range of 150 kHz-1 GHz. © 2011 ACM.



bandgap, current-mode voltage reference., electromagnetic interference, emi, susceptibility, voltage reference, 0.35 CMOS, Bandgap voltage reference, Current mode, Frequency ranges, Interfering signals, Power supply, Temperature range, CMOS integrated circuits, Electromagnetic pulse, Electromagnetic wave interference, Electromagnetism, Energy gap, Integrated circuits, Signal interference, Systems analysis, Voltage measurement

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Proceedings - SBCCI2011: 24th Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems Design, p. 51-54.