Complex modal analysis of a vertical rotor through finite element method

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Agostini, Cristiano Eduardo [UNESP]
Sousa, Edson Antonio Capello [UNESP]
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Natural frequencies were analyzed (axial, torsional and flexural) and frequency response of a vertical rotor with a hard disk at the edge through the classical and complex modal analysis. The mathematical modeling was based on the theory of Euler-Bernoulli beam. The equation that rules the movement was obtained through the Lagrangian formulation. The model considered the effects of bending, torsion and axial deformation of the shaft, besides the gravitational and gyroscopic effects. The finite element method was used to discretize the structure into hollow cylindrical elements with 12 degrees of freedom. Mass, stiffness and gyroscopic matrices were explained consistently. This type of tool, based on the use of complex coordinates to describe the dynamic behavior of rotating shaft, allows the decomposition of the system in two submodes, backward and forward. Thus, it is possible to clearly visualize that the orbit and direction of the precessional motion around the line of the rotating shaft is not deformed. A finite element program was developed using Matlab ®, and numerical simulations were performed to validate this model.
Finite elements, Rotor dynamics, Modal analysis, Drill string vibrations
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International Research Journal of Engineering Science, Technology and Innovation, v. 1, n. 5, p. 111-121, 2012.