Lorentz Violation and Topologically Trapped Fermions in 2+1 Dimensions

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Correa, Rafael A. C.
de Paula, Wayne
de Souza Dutra, Alvaro [UNESP]
Frederico, Tobias

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The full spectrum of two-dimensional fermion states in a scalar soliton trap with a Lorentz breaking background is investigated in the context of graphene, where the Lorentz symmetry should not be strictly valid. The field theoretical model with Lorentz breaking terms represents Dirac electrons in one valley and in a scalar field background. The Lorentz violation comes from the difference between the Dirac electron and scalar mode velocities, which should be expected when modelling the electronic and lattice excitations in graphene. Here, only one Lorentz-violating parameter is considered, belonging to the scalar sector. The analytical methods developed in the context of 1+1 field theories are extended to explore the effect of the Lorentz symmetry breaking in the charge carrier density of two-dimensional materials in the presence of a domain wall with a kink profile. The width and the depth of the trapping potential from the kink is controlled by the Lorentz violating term, which is reflected analytically in the band structure and properties of the trapped states. These findings enlarge previous studies of the edge states obtained with domain wall and in strained graphene nanoribbon in a chiral gauge theory.



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Annalen der Physik, v. 530, n. 5, 2018.