Cell immobilization improves isomaltulose production

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De Neto, Pedro Oliva [UNESP]

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The Laboratory of Industrial Biotechnology at the Biological Sciences Department in Sao Paulo State University, Brazil is working to improve the technologies involved with isomaltulose production. The study evaluated enzymatic reaction parameters with the goal of improving isomaltulose production which is grown with a medium of 1% cane molasses and 0.5% yeast extract thereby using calcium alginate, glutaraldehyde and polyethyleneimine. The best results were obtained using P. rubrum immobilized pellets in calcium alginate with 705 and 60% sucrose solution. The developed technology apparently allows the reuse of the cell-containing enzymes more times compared to conventional technologies, which ultimately results in decreased costs. The researchers are also involved in alcohol and biopolymer production and seeking interested industrial collaborators.



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Industrial Bioprocessing, v. 31, n. 7, p. 6-7, 2009.