Discretizing the deformation parameter in the su(q)(2) quantum algebra

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Sociedad Mexicana de Fisica


Inspired in recent works of Biedenham [1, 2] on the realization of the q-algebra su(q)(2), We show in this note that the condition [2j + 1](q) = N-q(j) = integer, implies the discretization of the deformation parameter alpha, where q = e(alpha). This discretization replaces the continuum associated to ct by an infinite sequence alpha(1), alpha(2), alpha(3),..., obtained for the values of j, which label the irreps of su(q)(2). The algebraic properties of N-q(j) are discussed in some detail, including its role as a trace, which conducts to the Clebsch-Gordan series for the direct product of irreps. The consequences of this process of discretization are discussed and its possible applications are pointed out. Although not a necessary one, the present prescription is valuable due to its algebraic simplicity especially in the regime of appreciable values of alpha.



su(q)(2), quantum algebras, parameter discretization

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Revista Mexicana de Fisica. Coyoacan: Sociedad Mexicana de Fisica, v. 44, n. 1, p. 73-77, 1998.