Magnetothermal instabilities in magnetized anisotropic plasmas

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Nakwacki, M. S.
Peralta-Ramos, J. [UNESP]

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Using the 16-moment transport equations for an ideal anisotropic collisionless plasma we analyze the influence of pressure anisotropy on the magnetothermal (MTI) and heat-flux-driven buoyancy (HBI) instabilities. We calculate the dispersion relation and the growth rates for these instabilities in the presence of a background heat flux and for configurations with static pressure anisotropy, finding that when the frequency at which heat conduction acts is much larger than any other frequency in the system (i.e. weak magnetic field) the pressure anisotropy has no effect on the MTI/HBI, provided the degree of anisotropy is small. In contrast, when this ordering of timescales does not apply the instability criteria depend on pressure anisotropy.



Anisotropic plasmas, Degree of anisotropy, Dispersion relations, Instability criterion, Pressure anisotropy, Static pressure, Time-scales, Transport equation, Weak magnetic fields, Heat flux, Anisotropy

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series, v. 370, n. 1, 2012.