Avaliação da chuva de sementes em áreas de restinga em diferentes estágios de regeneração

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Rodrigues, Mauricio Augusto [UNESP]
Paoli, Adelita Aparecida Sartori [UNESP]
Barbosa, Jose Marcos
Santos, Nelson Augusto dos

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Univ Federal Vicosa


This study was conducted in an area of restinga in the municipality of Silo Vicente (SP). The study aimed to evaluate the seed rain in three different conditions of regeneration. Was selected the following conditions: High Forest of Restinga in the middle stage of regeneration, an area of clearing in the same condition mentioned above and a third in early stages of regeneration. hi each condition were installed 10 seed collectors made of wood and screen with 80% of shade, supported to a height of 20cm of soil. They were evaluated monthly for one yew; the densities of seed deposited in the collector these seedlings are identified and categorized based on their dispersion syndrome and successional classes. The Area of High Forest area was carried out a phytosociological survey to identify which seedlings present in the rain could be from these areas. It was found that the densities of seedlings are relatively low compared to other formations of the Atlantic rain forest, but consistent with other studies of the same type of vegetation used in the study. Regarding dispersal syndromes and successional classes, there was prevalence of the zoocoric syndrome and species of secondary successional classes. The results indicate that the area has good ability to maintain their succession dynamics.



Atlantic Rain Forest, Seed dispersion and Restoration of degraded areas

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Revista Arvore. Vicosa: Univ Federal Vicosa, v. 34, n. 5, p. 815-824, 2010.