Analysis of inventory management in small business auto parts

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Panzuto, Nicolle Da Silva
Rodrigues, Paulo Cesar Chagas [UNESP]

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The objective of this study was to analyze the production process and supply control in order to identify possible gaps and develop a method for managing supplies. The relevance of this research is on the benefits that can obtain by identifying the problems of supply control. The research method used was the case study, which was grounded on tripod semi-structured interviews, on-site observation, and document analysis. This methodology was very suitable because it can be analyzed and cross checked. The possibility of implementation of the proposal obtained from the theoretical framework, that together with the complementary actions suggested here, offers the opportunity to make the process more productive and profitable. This work allowed one to observe the weaknesses in managing the supply chain and at what points to work should be improved. It allowed to use some scientific models in the company object of study in order to improve supply management. © 2011 IEEE.



inventory management, make-to-stock, planning and control, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Auto-parts, Document analysis, Inventory management, Make-to-stock, On-site observations, Production process, research methods, Semi structured interviews, Small business, Supply control, Supply management, Theoretical framework, Inventory control, Logistics, Profitability, Research, Supply chain management, Process control

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2011 4th International Conference on Logistics, LOGISTIQUA'2011, p. 186-191.