Fermionic correlators from integrability

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Caetano, João
Fleury, Thiago [UNESP]

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We study three-point functions of single-trace operators in the su(1 | 1) sector of planar N= 4 SYM borrowing several tools based on Integrability. In the most general configuration of operators in this sector, we have found a determinant expression for the tree-level structure constants. We then compare the predictions of the recently proposed hexagon program against all available data. We have obtained a match once additional sign factors are included when the two hexagon form-factors are assembled together to form the structure constants. In the particular case of one BPS and two non-BPS operators we managed to identify the relevant form-factors with a domain wall partition function of a certain six-vertex model. This partition function can be explicitly evaluated and factorizes at all loops. In addition, we use this result to compute the structure constants and show that at strong coupling in the so-called BMN regime, its leading order contribution has a determinant expression.



1/N Expansion, AdS-CFT Correspondence, Integrable Field Theories, Supersymmetric gauge theory

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Journal of High Energy Physics, v. 2016, n. 9, 2016.