Towards assessing the electricity demand in Brazil: Data-driven analysis and ensemble learning models

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Leme, João Vitor [UNESP]
Casaca, Wallace [UNESP]
Colnago, Marilaine [UNESP]
Dias, Maurício Araújo [UNESP]

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The prediction of electricity generation is one of the most important tasks in the management of modern energy systems. Improving the assertiveness of this prediction can support government agencies, electric companies, and power suppliers in minimizing the electricity cost to the end consumer. In this study, the problem of forecasting the energy demand in the Brazilian Interconnected Power Grid was addressed, by gathering different energy-related datasets taken from public Brazilian agencies into a unified and open database, used to tune three machine learning models. In contrast to several works in the Brazilian context, which provide only annual/monthly load estimations, the learning approaches Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, and Support Vector Machines were trained and optimized as new ensemble-based predictors with parameter tuning to reach accurate daily/monthly forecasts. Moreover, a detailed and in-depth exploration of energy-related data as obtained from the Brazilian power grid is also given. As shown in the validation study, the tuned predictors were effective in producing very small forecasting errors under different evaluation scenarios.



Brazilian power grid, Data-driven analysis, Energy forecasting, Machine learning

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Energies, v. 13, n. 6, 2020.