A tutorial on signal energy and its applications

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Guido, Rodrigo Capobianco [UNESP]

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This tutorial, dedicated both to young professionals and students working with digital signal processing and pattern recognition, introduces three feature extraction approaches based on signal energy, characterising alternative and innovative ways for its use. The proposed theory, smoothly presented, is complemented with numerical examples, source-codes in C/C++ programming language, and applications in a diversity of computational problems, namely, neurophysiological signal processing, speech processing, and image processing. The lack of novelty in current energy-based approaches and the feasibility of a balance among creativity, simplicity, and accuracy constitutes the motivation for this text, which reveals how relevant the concept of signal energy may be, if properly employed.



Feature extraction, Image processing, Neurophysiological signal processing, Pattern recognition, Signal energy, Speech processing

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Neurocomputing, v. 179, p. 264-282.