Dilatometer tests in a Leda clay crust

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Tanaka, A.
Bauer, G. E.

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A A Balkema Publishers


The dilatometer test results have been lately applied in foundation design for prediction of settlement and bearing capacity problems. The equipment, its calibration, test procedures and test data interpretation are simple. These advantages seem to explain the increasing use of the dilatometer (DMT) test as a routine technique for subsoil investigation. The DMT test boreholes were carried out on the grounds of the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa. Several test results based on laboratory, and other in situ tests available in the literature for the Leda clay deposit in Ottawa area were used to provide correlations between geotechnical properties and soil index parameters as proposed by Marchetti (1980). More appropriated relationships, even though preliminaries, are presented for the crust layer.



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Geotechnical Site Characterization, Vols 1 and 2. Leiden: A A Balkema Publishers, p. 877-882, 1998.