Effect of Carica papaya and Cucumis melo seed oils on the soybean oil stability

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This study aimed to evaluate the oils of soybean (S), papaya (Pa) and melon (Me) seeds and compounds oils SPa (80:20 w/w); SMe (80:20 w/w); and SPaMe (60:20:20 w/w/w) subjected to thermoxidation. Compound oils showed lower percentages of free fatty acids in relation to others, after 20 h. With the heating process, there was an increase in the quantity of saturated and monounsaturated acids. The quantity of carotenoids decreased, except in papaya seed oil that presented significant amount of carotenoids in 20 h. In relation the tocopherols, highlighted the presence of γ-tocopherol, except in the papaya oil. In 20 h, SMe and SPa still showed high amounts of tocopherols, with 76 and 85% of retention, respectively. With the thermoxidation, the amounts of phytosterols decreased. A great potential can be verified for the use of papaya and melon seed oils, in order to increase the oxidative stability of the soybean oil.



Antioxidant activity, Bioactive compounds, Physicochemical properties, Seeds, Special oils

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Food Science and Biotechnology, v. 27, n. 4, p. 1031-1040, 2018.