Web system to aid project management

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De Souza, Rogéria Cristiane Gratão [UNESP]
Esteca, Antonio Marcos Neves [UNESP]
Santos, Adriana Barbosa [UNESP]
Valêncio, Carlos Roberto [UNESP]
Honda, Marcelo Takeshi [UNESP]

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This work describes a new web system to aid project management that was created to correct the principal deficiencies identified in systems having a common purpose which are at present available, as well as to follow the guidelines that are proposed in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) and the quality characteristics described in the ISO/IEC 9126 norm. As from the adopted methodology, the system was structured to attend the real necessities of project managers and also to contribute towards obtaining quality results from the projects. The validation of the proposed solution was done with the collaboration of professionals that used the functions available in it for a period of 15 days. Results attested to the quality and adequacy of the developed system.



Project management, Software quality, Web-based tool, Body of knowledge, ISO/IEC 9126, Project managers, Quality characteristic, Web system, Web-based tools, Computer software selection and evaluation, Knowledge engineering, Software engineering, World Wide Web

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SEKE 2011 - Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, p. 325-330.