Portable MP3 player as low-cost data logger

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De Lucena, Samuel E. [UNESP]

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Non-audio signals have been recorded in the flash ROM memory of a portable MP3 player, in WAV format file, to examine the possibility of using these cheap and small instruments as general-purpose portable data loggers. A 1200-Hz FM carrier modulated by the non-audio signal has replaced the microphone signal, while using the REC operating mode of the MP3 player, which triggers the voice recording function. The signal recovery was carried out by a PLL-based FM demodulator whose input is the FM signal captured in the coil leads of the MP3 player's earphone. Sinusoidal and electrocardiogram signals have been used in the system evaluation. Although the quality of low frequency signals needs improvement, overall the results indicate the viability of the proposal. Suggestions are made for improvements and extensions of the work.



Data logger, ECG, MP3 player

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19th IMEKO World Congress 2009, v. 3, p. 1425-1428.