Electrochemical sensor highly selective for estradiol valerate determination based on a modified carbon paste with iron tetrapyridinoporphyrazine

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Batista, Isabelle V.
Lanz, Marcos R. V.
Dias, Iara L. T.
Tanaka, Sonia M. C. N.
Tanaka, Auro A.
Sotomayor, Maria Del Pilar Taboada [UNESP]

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Royal Soc Chemistry


This work reports the use of iron tetrapyridinoporphyrazine (FeTPyPz) as a highly selective catalyst in the construction of an electrochemical sensor for estradiol valerate (EV) determination. The sensor was prepared by modifying a carbon paste with FeTPyPz. The best results were obtained in a mixture of acetonitrile (MeCN) and 0.1 mol L(-1) phosphate buffer solution (pH 6.0) in a volume ratio of 47 : 53. A linear response range was observed between 45 and 450 mmol L(-1) with a sensitivity of 12160 +/- 306 mu A L mol(-1) and quantification and detection limits of 45 and 13 mmol L(-1), respectively. The repeatability, expressed as the relative standard deviation (RSD) for n = 10, was 5.9% ([EV] = 50 mu mol(-1)). The reproducibility (RSD) for the sensor construction was better than 4% and the operational stability (RSD) over 50 measurements was 1.8%. A detailed investigation regarding the selectivity and electrochemical characteristics was carried out. Finally, in a first step to evaluate the application potential of the sensor, it was successfully applied to determine EV in a commercial formulation.



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Analyst. Cambridge: Royal Soc Chemistry, v. 133, n. 12, p. 1692-1699, 2008.