Distribution of the orchid species in the coastal plains of the fazenda beach, municipality of ubatuba, state of sao-paulo, brazil

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Ribeiro, JELD
Garcia, JPM
Monteiro, R.

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Inst Tecnologia Parana


A floristic survey for the family Orchidaceae was undertaken in a coastal forest area of ca. 8 km2 in the Picinguaba Development Center of the Serra do Mar State Park, in the municipality of Ubatuba, Brazil. The sampling used all tracks and roads of the area, up to the altitude of 50 m.s.m. and resulted in 77 species distributed in 45 genera. The spacial distribution of the species was plotted in maps of the nine physiognomical units identified for the area, based on 1:8.000 and 1:25.000 aerial photographs, and field observations. The results are shown in 1:10.000 topographic charts. Ninety percent of the species occur in at least 3 physiognomical units while 60% only occurred in a single unit, what indicates that the orchids can be used to characterize the vegetation even in large scales.



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Arquivos de Biologia E Tecnologia. Curitiba-Paraná: Inst Tecnologia Parana, v. 37, n. 3, p. 515-526, 1994.