Collision and Stable Regions around Bodies with Simple Geometric Shape

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We show the expressions of the gravitational potential of homogeneous bodies with well-defined simple geometric shapes to study the phase space of trajectories around these bodies. The potentials of the rectangular and triangular plates are presented. With these expressions we study the phase space of trajectories of a point of mass around the plates, using the Poincare surface of section technique. We determined the location and the size of the stable and collision regions in the phase space, and the identification of some resonances. This work is the first and an important step for others studies, considering 3D bodies. The study of the behavior of a point of mass orbiting around these plates (2D), near their corners, can be used as a parameter to understand the influence of the gravitational potential when the particle is close to an irregular surface, such as large craters and ridges. Copyright (C) 2009 A. A. Silva et al.



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Mathematical Problems In Engineering. New York: Hindawi Publishing Corporation, p. 14, 2009.