de Sitter-invariant special relativity and the dark energy problem

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The replacement of the Poincare-invariant Einstein special relativity by a de Sitter-invariant special relativity produces concomitant changes in all relativistic theories, including general relativity. A crucial change in the latter is that both the background de Sitter curvature and the gravitational dynamical curvature turns out to be included in a single curvature tensor. This means that the cosmological term Lambda no longer explicitly appears in Einstein equation, and is consequently not restricted to be constant. In this paper, the Newtonian limit of such theory is obtained, and the ensuing Newtonian Friedmann equations are shown to provide a good account of the dark energy content of the present-day universe.



special relativity, gravitation, cosmology, dark energy

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Classical And Quantum Gravity. Bristol: Iop Publishing Ltd, v. 34, n. 11, 14 p., 2017.