A note on carcass characteristics of rabbits fed on a restricted system

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Ferreira, R. G.
Carregal, R. D.

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Associação Francaise Cuniculture


Thirty four 65 days old New Zealand White female rabbits. weighting 1900 +/- 40 g, were separated in 3 groups and caged individually. One group was slaughtered when 70 days old (reference group, n=14). The second group was slaughtered 50 days later after ad libitum feeding (n = 6), and the third group was slaughtered also when 120 days old, but after restricted feeding since 70 days old i.e. 50% of the spontaneous feed intake of the 65-70 days period (restricted group n=14). Whole carcass weight and carcass cuts weights were measured after 24 hours storage at +4 degrees C. For each of the 3 groups in the previous order, slaughter live weight was 1992 - 2988 and 1887g; Chilled carcass percentage were 47.9 - 51.0 and 50.1. Feed restriction decreased the loin proportion of the carcass lower than that of the reference group (27.0 - 26.1 and 22.8% for the 3 groups in the same order) but increased the posterior limbs proportion (36.5 - 36.6 and 40.1).



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Proceedings of the 6th World Rabbit Congress, Vols 1-3. Lempdes: Associação Francaise Cuniculture, p. C163-C165, 1998.