On the dynamic behaviour of a nonlinear system weakly connected to a linear single degree-of-freedom system

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Brennan, Michael J. [UNESP]
Gatti, Gianluca

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This paper discusses the dynamic behaviour of a nonlinear two degree-of-freedom system consisting of a harmonically excited linear oscillator weakly connected to a nonlinear attachment that behaves as a hardening Duffing oscillator. A system which behaves in this way could be a shaker (linear system) driving a nonlinear isolator. The mass of the nonlinear system is taken to be much less than that in the linear system and thus the nonlinear system has little effect on the dynamics of the linear system. Of particular interest is the situation when the linear natural frequency of the nonlinear system is less than the natural frequency of the linear system such that the frequency response curve of the nonlinear system bends to higher frequencies and thus interacts with the resonance frequency of the linear system. It is shown that for some values of the system parameters a complicated frequency response curve for the nonlinear system can occur; closed detached curves can appear as a part of the overall amplitude-frequency response. The reason why these detached curves appear is presented and approximate analytical expressions for the jump-up and jump-down frequencies of the system under investigation are given.



Amplitude frequency response, Analytical expressions, Duffing oscillator, Dynamic behaviours, Frequency-response curves, Higher frequencies, Linear oscillator, Nonlinear isolators, Resonance frequencies, Single degree of freedom systems, Two-degree-of-freedom, Frequency response, Linear systems, Natural frequencies, Oscillators (mechanical), Nonlinear systems

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18th International Congress on Sound and Vibration 2011, ICSV 2011, v. 4, p. 2783-2790.