Photoluminescence in NaNbO3 particles and films

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Teixeira, Guilhermina Ferreira [UNESP]
Wright, Thiago Rago [UNESP]
Manfroi, Daniela Cristina [UNESP]
Longo, Elson [UNESP]
Varela, José Arana [UNESP]
Zaghete, Maria Aparecida [UNESP]
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Elsevier B.V.
In this work, we report the photoluminescence properties of NaNbO3 particles and films. The crystallization of NaNbO3 particles produced Na2NbO6.nH(2)O intermediate phase which was then converted to NaNbO3 following thermal treatment. The particles were obtained from the reaction between Nb2O5 and NaOH by microwave hydrothermal synthesis at varying range of the reaction time Films were obtained from the NaNbO3 particles by electrophoretic deposition. Both the NaNbO3 particles and films presented photoluminescence properties around the same emission region (450 nm). (C) 2014 Elsevier BA/. All rights reserved.
Photoluminescence properties, NaNbO3, Microwave hydrothermal synthesis
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Materials Letters. Amsterdam: Elsevier Science Bv, v. 139, p. 443-446, 2015.