Physico-chemical characterization of seed oils extracted from oranges (Citrus sinensis)

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Aranha, Caroline Pereira Moura [UNESP]
Jorge, Neuza [UNESP]

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This study aimed to characterize the seeds of oranges, varieties Hamlin, Natal, Pera-rio and Valencia, on the composition and physico-chemical properties of its oil through the determination of free fatty acids, peroxide value, refraction, iodine value, saponification value, unsaponifiable matter, oxidative stability and fatty acid profile. The results were submitted to analysis of variance and differences between the average results were tested at 5% probability by Tukey test. The orange seed oils showed high levels of lipids, about 40%, and showed a low degree of degradation, when analyzing the free fatty acids and peroxide value. It was found through the fatty acid profile and refraction and iodine indexes seed oil, Pera-rio orange was the most unsaturated. The seed oil, Valencia orange had a higher oxidative stability in Rancimat at 100°C.



Agro-industrial residues, Oxidative stability, Physico-chemical, Agro-industrial residue, Citrus sinensis, Fatty acid profiles, Free fatty acid, Physico-chemical characterization, Physico-chemicals, Physicochemical property, Iodine, Oils and fats, Oxidation resistance, Peroxides, Refraction, Unsaturated fatty acids, Citrus fruits

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Food Science and Technology Research, v. 19, n. 3, p. 409-415, 2013.