Estimation of transmission line parameters using multiple methods

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Costa, Eduardo Coelho M.
Kurokawa, Sérgio [UNESP]

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An estimation procedure for transmission line parameters is developed that combines a new method of determining line parameters with others available in the technical literature. Each estimation method has certain advantages and restrictions that depend on the operating conditions of the transmission system (e.g. the load profile), the physical characteristics of the line (e.g. the length and the geometry) and electromagnetic phenomena (e.g. single- or multiphase faults). The proposed estimation procedure exploits the major attributes of both the new determination method developed in this study and other well-established methods previously presented in the technical literature. Based on current and voltage measurements obtained from synchronised fault records from both line terminals, a combination of multiple methods can be used to accurately estimate most line parameters, a task that is typically impossible using a single method.



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IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution, v. 9, n. 16, p. 2617-2624, 2015.