Cytogenetic studies on holocentric chromosomes of five species of triatomines (Heteroptera: Reduviidae)

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Tavares, Mara Garcia [UNESP]
De Azeredo-Oliveira, Maria Tercilia Vilela [UNESP]

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The chromosome number and meiotic cycle of triatomines were investigated. All five species presented the same diploid chromosome number, 2n = 22 (20A + XY in the male). Phylogenetic relationships based on chromosomal evidence and C-banded karyotypes in the subfamily are discussed. It is suggested that differences in DNA content are mainly due to variations in the amount of C-heterocnromatin, which may be interpreted as loss and/or gain of C-regions. This interpretation is supported by the presence of meiotic and mitotic chromocentres which facilitate the transfer of C-positive material.



C-banding, Chagas' disease, Cytogenetics, Holocentric chromosomes, Triatoma

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Cytobios, v. 1996, n. 356, p. 51-61, 1997.