A memória dos carnavais Afro-Paulistanos na cidade de São Paulo nas décadas de 20 e 30 do século XX

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Silva, Zélia Lopes da [UNESP]

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Current analysis deals with memoirs of Carnivals celebrated by Negroes in the city of São Paulo during the 1920s and 1930s. The narrative tries to investigate the trajectory of the Afro-Brazilian group and the spaces used to express its performances during the festivities dedicated to Momo throughout the city of São Paulo, which was still characterized by wealthy people that controlled its several sections. Several discussions are endeavored to perceive the spaces fabricated by the group and its strategy to get together and celebrate Carnival (officially or non-officially). The form and meanings of playful art represented by such festivities are also highlighted.



Memoirs of Afro-Brazilian Carnivals in São Paulo, Momo festivities, Negro carnivals

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Dialogos, v. 16, n. SUPL, p. 37-68, 2012.