The interaction of D mesons and nucleons at finite density

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Antunes, S. M. [UNESP]
Krein, G. [UNESP]

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We present results on the the influence of changes in the masses and sizes of D mesons and nucleons on elastic DN scattering cross sections and phase shifts in a hadronic medium composed of confined quarks in nucleons. We evaluate the changes of the hadronic masses due to changes of the light constituent quarks at finite baryon density using a chiral quark model based on Coulomb gauge QCD. The model contains a confining Coulomb potential and a transverse hyperfine interaction consistent with a finite gluon propagator in the infrared. We present results for the total cross section and the s-wave phase shift at low energies for isospin I=1-for I=0 and other partial waves the results are similar.



Baryon density, Chiral quark models, Coulomb gauge, Coulomb potential, D-mesons, Finite density, Hyperfine interactions, Isospin, Partial waves, Scattering cross section, Total cross section, Bosons, Electric fields, High energy physics, Phase shift, Hadrons

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8th Conference Quark Confinement and the Hadron Spectrum.