Discopyge castelloi sp. nov. (Torpediniformes, Narcinidae), una nueva especie de raya eléctrica del Mar Argentino

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Menni, Roberto C.
Rincón, Getulio [UNESP]
García, Mirta L.
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A new species of electric ray of the family Narcinidae, Discopyge castelloi, is described from the southwestern Atlantic off Argentina. Distinctive characters of the new species are the form of the body, the posterior position of pelvic fins and the manner as pelvic fins join the caudal peduncle, the morphology of the nasal curtain and the presence of small but apparently functional eyes. Discopyge castelloi is the fourth torpediniform species reported from the area. It appears to be very rare on the shelf, though the type locality is separated from that of the paratypes by seven latitude degrees. As in the case of Torpedo puelcha, it is probable that the new species has a normal habitat deeper than that of the available specimens.
Argentina, Discopyge, Discopyge castelloi, Narcinidae, Southwestern Atlantic, Torpediniformes
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Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales, Nueva Serie, n. 1, p. 161-171, 2008.