Organizational issues for integration of high-technology in new product development: Framework proposal and case studies in Brazilian companies

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Jugend, Daniel [UNESP]
da Silva, Sérgio Luis
Oprime, Pedro Carlos
Pimenta, Márcio Lopes

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Transference of new technological solutions requires integration between different functions and specialists involved in new product development (NPD). This paper examines management practices for integration between research and development (R&D) with others involved in NPD and proposes a framework based on organizational variables. An organizational framework (ONPD) is constructed based on an analysis of the literature and evidence of case studies in Brazilian high-tech companies. It was observed that apart from the traditional use of cross-functional teams, these companies adopted integration practices including the use of employees from marketing with experience previously gained from R&D, knowledge of the technology roadmap, and the project office structure. According to the interviewee perceptions, these initiatives may generate positive impacts on functional and organizational performance.



Brazilian high-tech companies, Functional integration, New product development, Organizational frameworks

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Innovation: Management, Policy and Practice, v. 17, n. 2, p. 217-231, 2015.