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    Paulo Freire em traduções audiovisuais: sobre como e por que se apropriar da cultura digital
    (Pedro & João Editores, 2023) Silva, Ketiuce Ferreira [UNESP]; Prata-Linhares, Martha Maria; Martins, Adalto Marques; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Este capítulo de livro apresenta um relato de experiência com o curso de extensão intitulado Paulo Freire em traduções audiovisuais, cujo objetivo geral foi refletir sobre a articulação entre as contribuições de Paulo Freire e a criação de produções audiovisuais em favor da formação para a cidadania e da apropriação de práticas educativas integradas às tecnologias digitais. Os resultados da experiência apontaram para a relevância da obra de Paulo Freire para a formação e atuação docente, o que inclui pensar as tecnologias digitais enquanto recursos pedagógicos e objeto de estudo.
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    Freire's education model applied to a program of teaching of nursing practice
    (1996-01-01) Costa, F. N. [UNESP]; Casagrande, L. D. [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
    The present study is a qualitative research supported by Paulo Freire's writings. It presents the structure of a discipline-Nursing Teaching Practice-which searches for an amplification of opportunities provided by the Nursing School in order to improve the student's consciousness of his/her role as a future educator.
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    Historizing the concept of family
    (Univ Federal Sergipe, 2021-01-01) Lucifora, Cristiane De Assis [UNESP]; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Reina, Fabio Tadeu [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)
    Nowadays, we observe that the concept of family continues to change for/in society. The birth of the feeling of childhood is problematized as one of the factors present in the formation of the modern concept of family, since it considers the space that the child starts to occupy in society. Therefore, this work reflects on how the concept of family flourished, manifesting itself as arbitrary. The importance of historical penetration is pointed out as a way to deconstruct this conceptual rooting that, in a natural way, transits through the various fields, excluding family arrangements that differ from the assumed norm, known as patriarchal. It is research with a qualitative approach of bibliographic character with a theoretical framework on the proposed theme. The analysis is based on the praxiology of Bourdieu. The results showed that there is a need to include in the formation of students and teachers questions about the various concepts of family and their implications in school practice. Thus, it is considered that there is a need to think and act on the permeated concepts of family, so that a new paradigm, this time more marked by tolerance, can emerge so that in fact all family formations can enjoy relationships that exist in this milieu.
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    O habitus professoral: o objeto dos estudos sobre o ato de ensinar na sala de aula
    (ANPEd - Associação Nacional de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa em Educação, 2005-08) Silva, Marilda Da [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    This article is an attempt to define the proposed concept of professorial habitus, a process that has been under way since the end of the 1980's. However, the attempt to produce a more stable theoretical structure for the concept took until the end of the 1990's. Professorial habitus is the theoretical-methodological way of building a resource capable of explaining teachers' behaviour and, above all, of re-addressing the object of study directed at the act of teaching in the classroom. The place of theory and practice in the formation and activity of teachers was investigated simultaneously and, at the same time, served as a tool for formulating the concept in question. The ideas of Pierre Bourdieu and Edward Palmer Thompson (habitus and experience) constituted the core of the theoretical framework of this investigation.
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    Escritos de educação
    (Centro de Estudos Educação e Sociedade - Cedes, 2000-12) Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
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    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2021-01-01) Celli de Oliveira, Maria Fernanda [UNESP]; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Sex education is still a taboo subject and working on it is essential for a natural and integral formation of each and every individual from an early age. Based on this vision, the present work aims to analyze and unveil, based on the analysis of three school agents of an Institution of Early Childhood Education, how the cultural heritage cultivated within the family can come to interfere in the work of issues related to sexuality inside and outside the school environment. To carry out this study we started from the concepts elaborated by Pierre Bourdieu, and to analyze the data we used the praxeological method, also elaborated by the French sociologist and his team. The study proposed here was intended to raise some discussions about the interference of family inheritance on sexuality.
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    (Unesp-faculdade Ciencias & Letras, 2020-11-01) Celli de Oliveira, Maria Fernanda [UNESP]; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    We know that issues related to sexuality are intrinsically linked to the integral development of any individual. Considering that even today it is common to find resistance in relation to the theme, especially at school, where most of the educators feel uncomfortable or not able to deal with such issues, we intend, with this work, to raise some thoughts about the possible intertwining between sex education and the structuring of gender identity regarding children in early childhood education, based on Pierre Bourdieu's assumptions. Based on the analysis of the cultural heritage (a concept developed by the aforementioned sociologist) of three school agents, we seek to problematize in this work some discussions about the interference of this heritage regarding the sexual education provided to children in the scope of early childhood education, causing a reflection based on importance of sex education inside and outside the school environment.
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    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2020-12-01) Daderio de Melo, Andressa Cristina [UNESP]; Camara Pereira, Ana Claudia [UNESP]; Fiscarelli, Silvio Henrique [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    In recent decades, Brazil has proposed and implemented a set of public policies in the field of education that propose actions aimed at improving the process of literacy, and establish goals aimed at improving the quality of education. The results obtained through the application of large-scale assessment tools show that one of Brazil's great challenges is to improve levels of proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics, since even after three years of schooling 22% of students only developed elementary skills. The use of technology as a playful, motivating element has proven to be an efficient resource capable of promoting the cognitive development of children. Thus, we have developed Learning Objects, as a resource to support the literacy process, in order to verify their their possible contributions through a systematic analysis of practices in 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.
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    (Unesp-faculdade Ciencias & Letras, 2020-09-01) Suficier, Darbi Masson [UNESP]; Marsico Azadinho, Mariana Passafaro; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp); Fac Taquaritinga FTGA
    The aim of this article is to present, in chronological form, the changes in the formative requirements for the performance of teachers in the early years of elementary education, comprised in the legislation after the enactment of Law no. 9,394/1996. It becomes evident that the demand for higher education to work at this level of education is eased and relativized over time, maintaining the admissibility of the formation in the Normal School/Teacher-training colleges. Thus, the current guidelines for teacher-formation in the early years of elementary school are similar to those present in the LDB, promulgated more than two decades ago.
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    (Univ Federal Sergipe, 2020-01-01) Lopes Carmignolli, Andreza Olivieri [UNESP]; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Celli de Oiveira, Maria Fernanda [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    This is an excerpt of a master's dissertation titled The influence of cultural, social and economic capitals on the students' school trajectory success. It aimed to analyse how cultural capital influences the students' school performance through their family's mores and school experiences, when observing their behaviours regarding musical styles, reading practices and sports activities. The family environment is where people initially acquire cultural capital, being legitimized within a set of socially recognized knowledge and cultural assets. The studies of Pierre Bourdieu through the concepts of habitus, cultural, economic and social capital guided the theoretical reference. We chose the qualitative research method named Bourdieusian praxeology, because it is related to the restructuring of the habitus. The results of the work show how important is the partnership between the school and the family for a successful school performance.
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    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2020-07-01) Manzoli, Luci Pastor [UNESP]; Batista, Bruna Rafaela de [UNESP]; Santos, Caio Vinicius dos [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The Specialized Educational Service - AEE is geared towards meeting the needs of students with disabilities at times opposite to regular school classes. The present study aimed to describe the pedagogical practice of a special education teacher to develop the logical-mathematical thinking of students with intellectual disabilities in a specialized support room - AEE of a state school in a city in the interior of Sao Paulo. It is a qualitative, descriptive and exploratory study, characterized by a case study. For data collection, the following instruments were used: open interview and participant observation. The results showed that the teacher's pedagogical practice is focused on the teacher/student relationship, on social interaction and on stimulating learning, aiming at building knowledge to overcome difficulties.
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    (Unesp-faculdade Ciencias & Letras, 2020-01-01) Rocha, Rosineide de Andrade [UNESP]; Fiscarelli, Silvio Henrique [UNESP]; Rodrigues, Rodolfo Augusto [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The school needs to meet the new demands of the Digital Age. Therefore, it is necessary to rethink and redo new relatiONS with knowledge, with culture, with the school curriculum and with students. It must face its role of mediating access and critical and creative appropriation of the media by students, overcoming the Cartesian and academic model of teaching and learning and helping subjects to transform knowledge into thought and wisdom. It is necessary, as the BNCC (Common National Curricular Base - Portuguese initials) postulates, to explore the media-education, promoting qualified permanence in school for all. In short, this bibliographic work intends to investigate some paths for pedagogical innovation, for the construction of a school with quality and social relevance for the new generations.
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    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2019-07-01) Lucifora, Cristiane de Assis [UNESP]; Reina, Fabio Tadeu [UNESP]; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Silva, Renan Antonio da [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp); Educ Infantil Rede Municipal Ensino Sao Carlos
    This article had as its starting point a chapter of the Master Dissertation entitled The reproduction of gender inequalities in marvelous fairy tales as circumscribed marks in Pre-school Education defended in February 2017 on the problematization of the social roles attributed to the gender of the birth of the subjects and the various constructions attributed as inherent, being present in several areas, among them the school. The theoretical field that underlies the research undertaken in the master's degree and that is present in this article is the Critical Theory having as main theoretical Pierre Bourdieu and its categories of analysis. This article presents as a theoretical reflexive strategy on how much gender inequalities are still present and that the idea of overcoming often reinforces the idea that opportunities are for everyone and that many are not present because they do not want or strive hard enough.
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    (Univ Estadual Sudoeste Bahia, 2019-04-01) Souza Longhin Lourenco, Rayana Silveira [UNESP]; Amorim Tamaio de Souza, Nathalia Cristina; Inforsato, Edson do Carmo [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp); Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)
    This paper aims to present the relations between the fundamental aspects of continuing education in service and the way in which practices are actually instituted within schools. This is a qualitative research with a theoretical and empirical basis, which has used the analysis of studies that address the field of continuing teacher education and data from semi-structured interviews, applied to teachers in the initial years of Elementary School. The collation of the information collected by both means allowed to verify inconsistencies between what is expected of a continuing education in service and what schools, as a locus of this formation, provide to their teachers. Factors such as the dichotomy between theory and practice; teacher resistance to change; the mismatch between the teachers' expectations and what is transmitted to them in the formations; the discontinuity of the proposed initiatives; the disregard of teachers as protagonists of their formations and; the absence of guidelines designed to subsidize teaching practice are pointed out in this study as being responsible for making this training difficult.
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    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2018-10-01) Suficier, Darbi Masson; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Castro Leao, Andreza Marques de [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM); Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    This article analyzes the cultural practices of four teachers from the early years of elementary school. Based on the Bourdieusian notion of practice, we seek to understand the preferences related to: cultural outputs, cultural consumption, reading, music, plastic arts, TV, cinema and writing; In addition to aspects of leisure and sociability. Data were collected through long-term semi-directive interviews and presented in the form of individual cultural profiles. The cultural practices of the professors interviewed have limitations in relation to access by different contexts, such as the place of residence, family income and lack of knowledge or limited knowledge in relation to the fruition of some practices.
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    (Univ Estadual Parana, Escola Musica & Belas Artes Parana, 2018-07-01) Leandro, Everaldo Gomes; Vasconcelos, Livia de Oliveira; Figueiredo Coura, Flavia Cristina; Souza, Talita Fernanda de; Romanatto, Mauro Carlos [UNESP]; Brancaglion Passos, Carmen Lucia; Fernandino Evangelista, Maria Tereza; Mattos, Francielle de; Univ Fed Juiz de Fora UFJF; Univ Fed Sao Joao del Rei; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp); Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar); Universidade Federal de Viçosa (UFV)
    The aim of this paper is to discuss possible connections between children's stories and mathematics from the productions of teachers in the context of the continuous formation provided by Pacto Nacional pela Alfabetizacao na Idade Certa (PNAIC). The purpose of the study was to identify in the structures of the works whether the intention was to connect history with mathematics, if mathematics was presented only as a prop, or if the history itself was elaborated as a pretext to explore mathematical contents. Twenty-two children's stories were analyzed. By the interpretive analysis of the stories we perceive books: (1) without history, where tasks and/or problem situations prevail. (2) with history and which contained tasks and/or problem situations involving mathematical contents that the teacher could use; (3) in which the content to be taught prevails, history is understood as history-pretext and; (4) with history in which history prevails, the book is organized in a literary way and has the characteristics of children's stories. We verified the existence of fragile, intermediate and strong connections in the teachers' productions. We conclude that the process of creating plot and characters, combined with mathematical knowledge, is not a simple task. Being a reader of children's stories does not mean that there is knowledge of the elements necessary for the creation of one. It is up to the proposal of continuous formation to present the process of creating children's stories and discuss their characteristics.
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    Continuing teacher education: impasses, contexts and perspectives
    (Unesp-faculdade Ciencias & Letras, 2016-09-01) Galindo, Camila Jose [UNESP]; Inforsato, Edson do Carmo [UNESP]; Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS); Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
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    Bachelor's degree and the permanent crisis of teacher education
    (Unesp-faculdade Ciencias & Letras, 2016-09-01) Inforsato, Edson do Carmo [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
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    Perceptions of teenagers on sexuality and sex education
    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2015-01-01) Zocca, Adriana Rodrigues [UNESP]; Muzzeti, Luci Regina [UNESP]; Nogueira, Natalia Souza [UNESP]; Marcal Ribeiro, Paulo Rennes [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Speaking of sexuality with teenagers is not always an easy task, but extremely necessary, as well as cross-cutting theme in education. This research aims to analyze the responses obtained with the application of a questionnaire to students of secondary education in public schools who attend Community pre-university preparatory course in the city of Matao / SP. The results showed that adolescents know the term sex education, but most of them never participated in projects on the subject. The doubts are related to the biological aspects and prevention. And the male feels comfortable talking about sexuality with friends and the females with their parents. Thus, we see the lack of contact with professionals in sexual education of these adolescents and the prevalence of biological speeches and disease prevention.
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    Humor comic strips in the education for sexual diversity
    (Univ Estadual Paulista-unesp, Fac Ciencias Letras Assis, 2015-01-01) Margonari, Denise Maria [UNESP]; Braga Jr, Amaro Xavier; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp); UFAL Univ Fed Alagoas
    The work analyzes the role of humor in Brazilian comic strips, whose theme is related to sexual diversity, with the aim of presenting possibilities for theme analysis, such as cross-content, in education for sexual diversity. It consists of a survey of Brazilian publications, with a description of their practices. Discusses the concept of humor historically and its links with moral deformity of ideas and ethical condemnation of laughter. Proposing a redefinition of perspective of this conception of laughter on the subject of diversity, as object of resistence of authors defending their ideals, we encourage the use of comics as a teaching tool in the classroom.