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    Efeito da interrupção do treinamento físico sobre variáveis hemodinâmicas e funcionais de idosos: papel da modalidade e intensidade do exercício
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Amaral, Vanessa Teixeira do [UNESP]; Ciolac, Emmanuel Gomes [UNESP]; Zanini, Gabriel de Souza [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    To evaluate the effect of interruption of training on hemodynamic and functional variables of elderly women who participated in 12 weeks of different training programs. To evaluate and compare the effect of the modality (aerobic, resisted or combined) and intensity (high or moderate) of the training program on the behavior of hemodynamic and functional variables of the elderly, after 16 weeks of its interruption. METHODS: 69 elderly women aged 65 years and over, with a mean age of 69.19 ± 7.89, were randomized to TI + TR (N = 12), TC (N = 29), TR (N = 15) TC+ TR (N = 13) in which training sessions were applied twice a week for 12 weeks and underwent a 16-week interruption of training (detrainig). The following hemodynamic variables were analyzed: arterial pressure (BP), heart rate (HR) and anthropometric evaluation as abdominal circumference (CA) and functional tests such as: Strength of Hand Grip Test (FPP), Flexibility Test, Sit and Reach (WELLS), Sit and Raise (TSL), Timed Up & Go (TUG) pre-intervention, post-intervention and post-training periods. RESULTS: There was no significant improvement in SBP in the groups, PAD decreased in the TI + TR between pre and detraining (p <0.01) and in the TR between post and detraining (p <0.02). In TC and TC + TR there was a reduction in HR, being TC between post and detraining (p <0.02) and TC + TR between pre and post intervention (p <000). The volume of AC decreased in the TI + TR between pre and post (p <0.012), in the TC between post and trainee (p <0.05) in the TR between the three periods, pre and post (p <0.05) (p <0.009) and post and detraining (p <0.000) and in the TC + TR in the pre and detraining (p <0.03). In the WELLS test, the TI group showed improvement between pre and post (p <0.045) and pre and post training (p <0.039), in CT only between pre and post (p <0.02)... (Complete abstract electronic access below)
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    Natação para escolares: da motivação ao controle da ansiedade na pratica
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Ferrari, Gustavo Pereira de Avila [UNESP]; Prado Júnior, Milton Vieira do [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    More and more young people start their sports practice whether in the school system or outside. If on one hand this is a positive factor and motivating children and young people. on the other hand it can generate a level of precocious specialization and anxiety if they overvalue the competition and overcome it, where they are submitted to repetitive training leading to the abandonment of the practice of the sports modality. The present study had as objective to make a bibliographical survey of studies that approach the swimming for schoolchildren. Also, focus on how the practice of this modality can be beneficial in this period of life or interfere in performance in both sports and school performance. A literature review was made and we can conclude that the physical educator, parents and teachers have to be attentive to the reactions of the students, be they athletes or PE students to minimize the effects of negative anxiety and create a stimulating and motivator for sports practice, in the case of school swimming
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    Intensidade e efeito do placar em jogos de futebol nas categorias de base sub13 e sub17
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Silva, Gabriel Fortunato [UNESP]; Santos, Julio Wilson dos [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The intensity of the soccer game can be analyzed through heart rate (HR). The intensity of the game tends to decrease in the first to the second time of play. Among other factors that can influence the intensity of the game, goal scoring, which momentarily determine victory, draw or defeat during the match may also influence the intensity and behavior of the players. However, this variable is still little studied in young players. The objective of this project was: 1-To compare the intensity of the first and second half of the football game in sub13 and sub17 players and 2-Check the effect of the goal advantage during the game through the FC. The sample consisted of 40 soccer players of 4 teams, two Sub13 (n = 20) and Sub17 (n = 20), of regional level, that disputed the Big Boys Cup of city of Bauru. Duration of the matches was of two periods of 20 min for the Sub13 and two periods of 30 min for the Sub17, both with 10 min recovery interval. The HR was recorded every second through the Polar Team System 2 device and the average and maximum HR of each playing time was determined. The games were filmed and the goals scored to check the effect of changing the scoreboard on the strength of the game (tie, win or loss situation). The training impulse (TRIMP = duration x HR) was determined in three intensity ranges (<65, 65-85% and> 85%). The findings of the study allowed us to verify that players in general do not increase the intensity in the second time in relation to the first one in the sub17 athletes, we observed a decrease in intensity and in the sub13 the athletes sustained in the second time the intensity of the first one. Regarding the effect of the scoreboard on intensity, we have identified that generally the teams that come out ahead on the scoreboard tend to maintain or increase the intensity of the game... (Complete abstract electronic acess below)
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    Suplementação de nitrito e exercício físico: efeito na pressão arterial e rigidez arterial de ratos treinados e não treinados
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Souza, Thiago Pereira de [UNESP]; Zago, Anderson Saranz [UNESP]; Jacomini, André Mourão [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Hypertension (AH) is considered a major public health problem and one of the main risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases. Physical exercise has been increasingly recommended as a form of HA treatment, since it promotes several cardiovascular benefits. Nitric oxide (NO) stands out as a humoral mechanism of blood pressure (BP) control, because it is a potent vasodilator. In this context, nitrite supplementation, an NO metabolite, can stimulate the Nitrate / Nitrite / NO pathway. However, nothing is known about the effects of its supplementation on sedentary and trained animals. Thus, the objective of this study was to verify the effect of nitrite supplementation on physical capacity, BP and arterial stiffness in trained and sedentary rats. 40 rats (Wistar) divided into: Sedentary Control (SC) and supplemented (SN), Trained Control (CT) and supplemented (TN). The animals were submitted to a treadmill exercise training protocol (TF) (60% of the maximum capacity, 1h/day, 5 times/week, 66 days) or maintained sedentary. In the last 6 days of the experimental protocol, they received supplementation with nitrite or water (15mg/kg, via gavage). Maximum physical capacity and pulse wave velocity (PWV) were assessed before and after the supplementation period, and caudal BP and plasma nitrite concentrations at the end of the experimental protocol. After the TF period and supplementation, the rats were euthanized by decapitation. Two-way ANOVA and Tukey post-hoc (p <0.05) were used for statistical analysis. TF was not effective in reducing PWV compared to the sedentary group (TC vs SC) and nitrite supplementation was not effective in decreasing PWV in the sedentary groups compared to control (SN vs SC)... (Complete abstract electronic acess below)
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    Participação do árbitro de vídeo (VAR) na copa do mundo da fifa de 2018
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Fernandes Júnior, Rodrigo [UNESP]; Santos, Julio Wilson dos [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The video referee (VAR) began to be used to meet the demands of football and its lovers. The objective of the present study was to quantify the interventions of the VAR during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, classify the interventions in the 4 moments that can occur (goal, penalty, red card and player identification) and quantify the decision change of the arbitrator, depending on the assistance of the VAR. The sample consisted of the 64 games of the competition, counting the 90 minutes of game and additions and also the minutes of the extra times (extension) when necessary. The data were collected from interviews of FIFA representatives and surveys made by professionals of the Brazilian sports communication. According to FIFA, the results of the use of the VAR obtained in the 64 games were: 455 incident checks (average of 7.1 per game) and 20 revision of bids that occurred intervention in the game. According to the Folha de São Paulo, of the 23 interventions of the VAR in the game: 16 were in penalty throws (for marking and to undo a possible mistaken marking); 4 were goals scored (for possible lack or impediment); 2 moments were related to the possible application of the red card (which were warned with yellow card by decision of the main referee); and only 1 moment when the player identification was required (the referee had applied the yellow card to a player who had not committed the infraction). In addition, of the 23 reviews, in 16 of them needed the use of the field television and only in 7 was done through the electronic point (radio). In total, 15 times the main referee changed his decision when reviewing the bid and only in 8 moments, even reviewing the bid, he maintained his initial decision. According to representatives of FIFA, this was the best World Cup in history... (Complete abstract electronic acess below)
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    Ginástica para todos: da extensão universitária às possibilidades no contexto da educação física escolar
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Cordeiro, Suelen Cristina [UNESP]; Vendetti Júnior, Rubens [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The Gymnastics for all (GFA) is a corporal and pedagogical practice that encompasses several elements of Body Culture, allowing the student to learn and experience in a fun and diverse way different contents. Because of this diversity and inclusion that the GPT brings to its practitioners, the project was developed: ATIVIDADES EXPRESSIVAS INCLUSIVAS: GINÁSTICA GERAL NA ESCOLA, (INCLUSIVE EXPRESSIVE ACTIVITIES: GENERAL GYMNASTICS AT SCHOOL), a project that offers systematized and supervised corporal practices for students of a state school in the modalities of GPT, Fights, plays and games, and rhythmic activities. The project of university extension aims at articulating teaching, research and extension, providing the community with the appropriation of the contents belonging to the body culture of movement, also contributing to social interaction, based on the participation of the academic and local community, facilitated by the modalities that allow us to live with differences and with human diversity. The purpose of the present study is, through a case study, to describe and analyze the Extension Project called Inclusive Expressive Activities: General Gymnastics At School, developed for students of a state school. The methodology of the project is through structured practical activities, offering the exploration of movements and materials (traditional and alternative gymnastics), for the development of motor skills necessary for the performance of GPT and rhythmic elements of dances and other expressive corporal practices, based on the precepts of participation and demonstration gymnastics, in which there is no competition between participants or presentation groups. Thus based on the project, it was possible to elaborate activities as a way of providing subsidies and means for new professionals to know and act in the GPT and to use them in the school context
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    Pedagogia do esporte no contexto escolar: reflexões para o ensino dos jogos esportivos coletivos
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Felix, Paulo Henrique Soares [UNESP]; Vendtitti Júnior, Rubens [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The Physical Education (PE) at school addresses several components of the body culture of movement, among which sports and collective sports games (CSG) stand out, which due to this predominance are contents historically questioned in relation to the way they should be worked and the contribute to the development of various aspects of students such as motor, cognitive, social and affective. Through a literature review this research looked for arguments that justify them as content present in the content list associated with the school physical education, reaching the Pedagogy of Sports (PS) that emerges as a methodological alternative in the approach to sports and CSG in physical education classes, acting based on three benchmarks: technical-tactical; socioeducative and cultural history aspects. Finally, it is concluded that when properly developed in the school environment, respecting the individualities of the students and with a focus on their complete formation, sport and collective sports games contribute to the evolution of the physical, motor, affective and social aspects of children and adolescents contributing to the formation of critical and conscious citizens and that the pedagogy of the sport shows itself as positive influence in the process of teaching learning of sport in school. However, there are few studies on the relation between pedagogy of the sport and the teaching of sports practices in school, but there is scope for greater dissemination and use of the principles of PS in the treatment of PE teaching contents, especially in relation to collective sports practices, without consider the sportivist and professional model summed to the needing of having a PE at school that allows participation and experiences at sportive contents in a didactic and pedagogical ways
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    Autoeficácia, satisfação e disposição docentes na atuação de educadores em projetos sociais de Bauru e Ibitinga
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Roncada, Luan Henrique [UNESP]; Venditti Júnior, Rubens [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The present project aims to investigate the self-efficacy of educators in social projects and to highlight the points that influence the ability to continue the teaching career and the satisfaction of the teachers themselves, since self-efficacy influence directly self-efficacy and motivation of the students. Another objective is to analyze and observe the use of the content of the corporal practices in these environments, using popular games and children's games, in the pedagogical action with the students. This research, as a starting point for the theoretical foundation in Bandura's (1997, 2001) Cognitive Social Theory (CTS), in the specificity of the concept and appropriation of the construct of self-efficacy, of what is more specific and greater in the database for the context in the question: the self-efficacy of educators in acting in social projects. For accomplish this study, it was used 04 (four) instruments of data collection: a) participant characterization questionnaire (PCQ), with information and demographic data and all the descriptive statistics of the research subjects; b) Teacher self-efficacy scale (likert type) - Scale A; c) Scale of sources of self-efficacy - Scale B; and d) Questionnaire on Motivational Aspects (QMA), with reference to popular games. Participated in this study 23 (twenty-three) educators from five social projects of the city of Bauru and Ibitinga, in the state of São Paulo inner region. Only participated the educators who agreed with the adopted procedures in the study, and signed the Free and Informed Consent Form. The results applied to the Kruskal Wallis test did not present significant differences between the groups, perhaps due to the low number of participants used in the study, therefore, it is necessary that we carry out other studies with a number of participants with a larger sample than in the present study... (Complete abstract electronic access below)
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    Concepções dos alunos do ensino médio sobre a prática de esportes nas aulas de educação física
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Costa, Arthur Monteiro [UNESP]; Maffei, Willer Soares [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    It is a qualitative, descriptive research that aimed to define a qualitative, descriptive, didactic and enlightening question. Without designing the research, it was initially proposed to carry out a literature review to improve the understanding of the trajectory of Physical Education in Brazilian schools, as well as the purposes and contents proposed for a subject, especially in the context of teaching medium. The information collection was elaborated with the aid of some open standards, which was applied to students of a state school in the city of São Paulo - SP, chosen for convenience. Twenty students participated in the sample, of which 10 were female and 10 were male. Analysis and data analysis by Bardin (1977). The results were organized into four categories, organized into tables, each with its subcategories. The results of the English class are the same as those of physical education classes, however, they are diversified as sports practices, as they are capable of teaching children to sport and other collective forms. With the results, it came to be ideal, with this is sports
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    A questão da indisciplina nas aulas de educação física junto a estudantes das séries iniciais do ensino fundamental
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Silva, Jacqueline Santana [UNESP]; Ferreira, Lilian Aparecida [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The present study approaches the problem of school indiscipline, a phenomenon that has become an increasingly worry issue in schools, creating enormous difficulties between the relation between teachers and students, and consequently influencing the learning of both parties. In this sense, the present study will seek to identify and analyze and understand the manifestations and meanings of indiscipline in Physical Education classes together with elementary school students (5th year), the actions carried out by Physical Education teachers when witnessing such manifestations. The study will be guided by the qualitative approach of research that will be of a descriptive-interpretative nature, aiming at a second moment to move to field research, which supposes the direct and prolonged contact of the researcher with the environment and the situation being investigated. The study participants will be students of the initial 5 years of elementary education and a Physical Education teacher who works with these students in a state public school located in the interior of the state of SP in the city of Bauru. For the data collection will be realized observations of classes, interviews with the students and interview with the teacher of Physical Education of the class. The indiscipline theme has attracted interest from research in several areas of the educational field, but when related to Physical Education school are not so many productions, only some authors produce research specifically in this area. Based on these indicators, there is a lack of research in the area which suggests the need for new studies so that there is a greater contribution in the attempt to seek solutions to this problem that still prevails in the school environment, creating barriers and hampering teaching and learning
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    A influência da dança na vida das Drag Queens
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Marciano, Jhonatas da Cruz [UNESP]; Ugaya, Andresa de Souza [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The Drag art has grown considerably in recent years. The increase of visibility has encouraged new artists to embark on this art that encompasses several aspects of acting, allowing a greater adherence to this type of work. Dance is one of the tools commonly used by Drag Queen. Therefore, the main purpose of this study was to identify the importance of dance in Drag Queens' life in the city of Bauru-SP. To achieve this purpose, the history of these artists was investigated from before they became Drag Queen, further narrowing the perception about the context that led them to live this art. It was also discussed the references, inspirations and processes that guided them in the process of creating their Drags and the path to the production of their presentations. From there, it was questioned about the possible influence of the dance in their work. These data were obtained through an exploratory research with the participation of 10 Drag Queens through an interview. The interviewees reported their experiences during the process of constructing their Drag, revealing their difficulties to develop a performance work increasingly valued by the general public. They also exhibited their strongest points as an artist and reports of situations through because they went on to become Drag Queen. Through the results obtained at the end of the process, it was possible to understand that the dance directly or indirectly caused influences in its trajectory as an artist
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    Corpo, saúde e beleza em aulas de Educação Física no currículo do estado de São Paulo
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Dutra, Camila Roldão [UNESP]; Silva, Márcio Pereira da [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The concepts of Physical Activity, Exercise and Health have always been present in School Physical Education, but as technical knowledge related to the prescription of exercise and its execution, devaluing some essential aspects. Thus, in order for knowledge to be fully propagated, it is necessary for Physical Education to follow adequate didactic strategies, so that the use of this information is effective so that students can actually achieve long-term behavior changes without restricting themselves only to an addition to their repertoire of health information. As a general objective, the project will evaluate the learning of contents related to the 3rd bimester of the 1st grade of high school among students of state schools in the city of Bauru - São Paulo, referring to the theme Body, health and beauty - Concepts: Physical Activity, Exercise Physical and Health . Then, questionnaires were applied to 2nd and 3rd grade high school students, seeking information about experiences / experiences related to learning the subject, aiming to analyze the achievement of autonomy for the management of basic physical exercise programs. With the teachers, we verified positive and / or negative aspects regarding the development of the subject, especially regarding the initial level of knowledge presented by the students, their motivation during the approach of the theme and the level of learning obtained. The analysis of the collected data of the students and the teachers, on the level of knowledge before and after the approach of the thematic in the classes, comparative way, grouping negative and / or positive aspects. We can observe that there were significant changes in the students' daily life, allowing them greater autonomy to perform physical exercises outside the school environment, based on the information / experiences... (Complete abstract electronic acess below)
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    Remodelamento cardíaco de ratos espontaneamente hipertensos: papel do treinamento físico associado ou não com perindopril
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Ligeiro, Melissa Ganeko [UNESP]; Cardoso, Sandra Lia do Amaral [UNESP]; Tardelli, Lidieli Pazin [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Among all consequences of hypertension (HT), cardiovascular diseases are the major contributing to mortality. Factors such as cardiac hypertrophy, fibrosis and myocardium capillary density loss are involved. Spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) have cardiac remodeling due to hypertension and because of that, several pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments are used. Among inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACEi) drugs, perindopril has been shown to be efficient to improve hypertension and cardiac remodeling. Aerobic exercise training (T), on the other hand, has been used as non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension and it is also efficient to ameliorate cardiac remodeling and hypertension, however, almost nothing is known about the association of these two treatments. The objective of this present study was to analyze the effects of exercise training, associated or not with pharmacological treatment with perindopril on myocardium remodeling in SHR rats. SHR rats were divided into 5 groups: sedentary control (SC, n=12), sedentary + perindopril (SP, n=10), trained control (TC, n=13) and trained + perindopril (TP, n=14). Wistar rats were used as normotensive controls. Aerobic training was performed on a treadmill, 1h / day, 5 days / week, during 8 weeks at 60% of maximal physical capacity. SP and TP groups were daily treated with perindopril (3 mg / kg of body weight, gavage) during all experimental protocol. SC and TC groups received water. At the end of training period, pulse wave velocity and blood pressure were measured... (Complete abstract electronic acess below)
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    Goalball: uma revisão de literatura
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-09) Souza, Luísa Parra Spagnuolo de [UNESP]; Nabeiro, Marli [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Goalball is a sports modality that was developed especially for the treatment of post World War II soldiers who had some type of vision impairment. Objective: The present work an imsat exploring the basic foundations of this Paralympic sport, as well as presenting a reflection of the modality in the life of the athletes who develop such sport in their day today life. Methods: The research presents the general history of the modality, the performance of Brazil and its post-Olympics expansion in Toronto. It also presents an extension project developed by UNESP of Bauru in partnership with municipal entities. Discussion: It is possible to find in the research the basic rules of goalball, going through the division of classes, the description of the court and equipment, positions, playing time, substitutions, infractions, as well as the organizational cliche of the modality. The concepts of visual impairment are also addressed to research, staked out by different groups. The performance of Brazil is approached trying to highlight the placing of Brazil in the world ranking presenting the rules of classification
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    Determinação da carga de treinamento pelo modelo trimp nos exercícios resistidos
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2018-11-08) Buscariollo, Leonardo [UNESP]; Pessoa Filho, Dalton Muller [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    In this present study, the TRIMP method was applied to quantify the training load on resistance-train, using the Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale proposed by Foster, repetitions tolerance and the response of HR (heart rate) on the prescription technique to stimulate muscle resistance. Eight subjects practitioners of bodybuilding of all genders were selected. All the subjects were submitted to three sessions of resistance-train, with a 48-hour rest. The three sessions consisted of one session for a maximum repetition (RM) test and two resistance stimulus sessions: load of 70% of the maximum repetition, the maximum of repetitions until exhaustion, three series at 90-second intervals. The TRIMP calculation was determined by the load, multiplied by the quantity of repetitions made during the planned series, which is then multiplied by the RPE informed in each series, informed for the realized effort. The expectation is that the response for TRIMP for this type of stimulus will not provide values that are different from those observed in the high-intensity endurance exercises. The obtained results were an average of 55,9kg ± 17,2kg for Bench Press and 223,8kg ± 49,6kg for Leg Press 45º. For Bench Press the average value of TRIMP was 2664,7 ± 1107,7 (a.u.) and Overload of 1,5 ± 0,6 (T). For Leg Press 45º the average value of TRIMP was 11436,3 ± 2983,4 (a.u.) and Overload of 5,5 ± 1,5 (T). The Pearson method of correlation was applied between TRIMP and Overload for Bench Press exercises(r = 0,754) and Leg Press 45º (r = 588). Good correlations results between the TRIMP applied and Overload methods, which are most commonly used in resistance-train, allow reliable results. Using it as an alternative and practical method to monitor load. A study with more types of exercises, different stimulus and more participants for possible improvements and new applications is suggested
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    O desenvolvimento do sport education numa instituição cultural e suas implicações para o ensino do esporte: estudo de caso
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2019-11-11) Brasil, Tainara Caroline Gomes [UNESP]; Ferreira, Lílian Aparecida [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The current scenario that contemplates the Pedagogy of Sport, walks so that the process of teaching and learning sports is developed from the perspective of the subject, requiring a more effective participation of those who practice. Along these lines, this work aimed to analyze the implications of Sport Education for the teaching of Sport from the perspective of a Physical Education Professional. For this, the methodological approach used was qualitative, characterized by a case study. Thus, data collection was performed through a structured interview with a Physical Education Professional, who acted as a physical activity instructor in a cultural institution in the interior of São Paulo. The information was analyzed, considering the relevant elements throughout the speech, fostering the development of the axes of analysis Autonomy; Understanding of sports practice and Teaching context. The results pointed out, therefore, that Sport Education implies the incentive for a more autonomous behavior of the participants, with emphasis on their protagonism and mediating role of the Physical Education professional; relevance for a broader understanding of sports practice, based on the planning elements; game; understanding of the modality; effective participation and this model as a possibility in the teaching of sport and for the knowledge of the teaching context, considering characteristics that make up both the scenario of sports practice and the professional scenario
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    Comportamento do olhar e desempenho esportivo de jogadores não habilidosos durante o lance livre do basquete
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2019-11-11) Cavalieri, Beatriz Carvalho [UNESP]; Zago, Paula Fávaro Polastri [UNESP]; Rodrigues, Sérgio Tosi [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    The Quiet Eye (QE) variable measures the duration and location of the last visual fixation before initiating the critical part of movement of a motor task. Studies have shown that QE with longer durations and placed in an important location to the task, indicate better performance of elite players when compared to unskilled. This statement is also true for the free throw of basketball. However, so far it is not known regarding the measurement of this variable in situations relative to the behavior of unskilled players during hit free throw and misses on free throw. The aim of this study was to determine the duration and location of QE in hits and misses free throws from unskilled players. Eight young adults (22.71±1.97 years) with low level of basketball in free throws participated in the study. The gaze behavior during free throw was acquired using the Eye Tracker (ASL, model H6), with a frequency of 60 Hz data acquisition and the movement phases were determined by the video of the movements record by an external camera, being positioned laterally in a sagittal view. The movement phases were: preparation, extension 1, flexion and extension 2, the critical phase for this particular task and QE measurement was at the 'extension 2' of the elbow. For QE analysis, Quiet Eye Solutions software was used to identify the location and duration of QE. Anova one-way with repeated measures were performed with accuracy (hit, miss), with an alpha value of 0.05. The results showed that for the duration mean of the QE there was not significant difference (p = 0.458) between hits throws (898 ± 437ms) and missed throws (808 ± 338ms). The areas determined in the scene to distinguish the fixation locations indicated that during the hits, the location of the QE occurred 30% of the time in the center of the hoop... (Complete abstract electronic access below)
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    Efeito da dificuldade da tarefa cognitiva concomitante no andar com desvio de um obstáculo em idosos com Doença de Parkinson
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2019-11-11) Corradini, Julia Raquel [UNESP]; Barbieri, Fabio Augusto [UNESP]; Simieli, Lucas [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    People with some degree of cognitive impairment, such as the elderly with Parkinson's disease (PD), manifest difficulty in locomotion, especially when they need to perform another task concomitantly while walking. A concomitant cognitive task impairs the mobility of this population due to the finite brain metabolism, which has a limited cognitive reserve to perform two tasks at the same time. Given this, the objective of this research is to investigate the effect of the difficulty of concomitant cognitive task on walking with an obstacle deviation in elderly with PD and neurologically healthy elderly. Thirteen elderly with PD (group DP - 8 men - 69 ± 5 years - 1.66 ± 0.07m - 74.8 ± 15.2 kg) and their neurologically healthy peers (CG - 67 ± 5 years - 1.65 ± 0.10m - 75.6 ± 12.5kg) walked at their preferred speed, uninterruptedly under a catwalk without and with dual cognitive task. In attempts with concomitant cognitive task, a 25s audio was used, which presented a sequence of 12 numbers that the elderly should quantify how many times a chosen number (or numbers) was spoken in the audio during the task. Participants performed three attempts to walk without concurrent cognitive task and three attempts to walk with concurrent cognitive task under the following conditions: 1) Easy task: sequence with only one number - participant had to inform how many times a given number appeared; 2) Moderate task: sequence with six distinct numbers - participant had to enter how many times a given number appeared; 3) Difficult task: sequence with six distinct numbers - participant had to enter how many times two numbers appeared. For temporal space data collection a Vicon Motion System® data acquisition system with 10 cameras was used using the Plug-in-Gait Full Body model. The spatiotemporal parameters analyzed were length, width, speed and duration and the percentage in double support... (Complete abstract electronic access below)
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    O atletismo escolar: trajetórias de aprendizagem entre gerações
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2019-11-11) Lima, Diego Nera [UNESP]; Hunger, Dagmar Aparecida Cynthia França [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Historically the competition is inherent in sport and was actively linked to the build of Greek political life and the birth of democracy. The Olympic Games for the ancient Greeks were of main importance, as they represented the largest of all the social and cultural interactions of Greek cities on their calendar. It is in this universe that athletics fit, conceptualized as the bas of the Olympic Games and as a means of education, the practice of this sport goes in parallel with sports history, being the first event disputed in the antique Games. Based on all this historical context, and the fact that this modality enhances the motor skills and values developed in the formation of young people, both social and personal, we can observe the relevance of learning athletics in schools in all years of education. Thus, this research aimed to investigate the trajectory of learning in athletics of high school students compared with that of their parents and, consequently, highlight learning of its history and cultural social aspects of this modality in a given social group over a determined period. of time. This is a qualitative research, in which high school students, approximately 16.81 years old (± 0.83), and their parents, approximately 49.06 years old (± 8.83), answered to an interview and a questionnaire respectively. The interview consisted of eight questions related to the knowledge of athletics sport and its history, while the questionnaire presented seven questions with the same theme. The results showed that most participants know about the sport, but a significant portion defines it as the definition of sport itself; It was also found that, when related the forms of information on the subject, the main ones are the school and the television... (Complete abstract electronic access below)
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    É mais difícil ser menina: uma análise das experiências de estudantes com futsal feminino no contexto escolar
    (Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp), 2019-11-11) Vieira, Bruno de Sales [UNESP]; Corrêa, Denise Aparecida [UNESP]; Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp)
    Women, throughout the history of football/futsal, have been experiencing discrimination and prohibitions which unable them to play the sport. Embedded in a culturally and historically masculinized scenario, sports were mainly played by men, women were told they couldn't play because it required strength and aggressiveness and they could hurt themselves. They were seen as the fair sex. Through sports women empowered themselves and got over some taboos inside the sport, like the right to watch games and even practice it. Thus, the objective of this research was analyze and comprehend the motivations of girls from a public school who attend to futsal practice. Thirteen girls participated and were between 11 and 13 years old in a period of 4 months. The strategy employed were written records in form of field notes, a quiz to delineate their profile and a semi-structured interview with the students. Through the interview three main categories were found: I love playing futsal and I want to learn a little more, it's harder being a girl and he thinks we're weak, but we're strong, very strong. Therefore, through this research we can conclude that the non acceptance comes from the society as a whole, including inside their own homes, even with the increasing popularity of women's football the discrimination still happens and could come from any social group in society. Resilience is a key ingredient that keep dreams and the sport's practice alive