Analytical study of the nonlinear behavior of a shape memory oscillator: Part I-primary resonance and free response at low temperatures

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In this work, the response of a single-degree-of-freedom shape memory oscillator subjected to the excitation harmonic has been investigated. Equation of motion is formulated assuming a polynomial constitutive model to describe the restitution force of the oscillator. Here the method of multiple scales is used to obtain an approximate solution to the equations of the motion describing the modulation equations of amplitude and phase, and to investigate theoretically its stability. This work is presented in two parts. In Part I of this study we showed the modeling of the problem where the free vibration of the oscillator at low temperature is analyzed, where martensitic phase is stable. Part I also presents the investigation dynamics of the primary resonance of the pseudoelastic oscillator. Part II of the work is focused on the study in the secondary resonance of a pseudoelastic oscillator using the model developed in Part I. The analysis of the system in Part I as well as in Part II is accomplished numerically by means of phase portraits, Lyapunov exponents, power spectrum and Poincare maps. Frequency-response curves are constructed for shape memory oscillators for various excitation levels and detuning parameter. A rich class of solutions and bifurcations, including jump phenomena and saddle-node bifurcations, is found.




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Nonlinear Dynamics. Dordrecht: Springer, v. 59, n. 4, p. 733-746, 2010.