Nutritional status and food profile of patients served in a nutrition ambulatory

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Rodrigues, Leticia de Rossi
Souza, Carolina Tarcinalli
Souza, Debora Tarcinalli
Togneri Ferron, Artur Junio [UNESP]
Francisqueti-Ferron, Fabiane Valentini

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Inst Brasileiro Pesquisa & Ensino Fisiologia Exercicio-ibpefex


Background: The presence of chronic diseases has been frequent in the population, among them: obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases. In addition to obesity as a risk factor for the development of these diseases erroneous eating habits are also related. Therefore, knowing the nutritional profile of the patient makes possible the nutritional diagnosis and the appropriate nutritional intervention. Aim: To evaluate the nutritional status and food profile of the patients attended at the Faculdades Integradas de Bauru nutrition ambulatory. Materials and methods: It was included all those who agreed to participate between August and September, 2018. It was analyzed anthropometric measurements and food pattern analysis were made by a 24-hour Reminder (R24h and Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ). Results: The results showed that the studied population is overweight, with abdominal circumference (CA) values considered to be a risk for the development of cardiovascular diseases, have some DCNT, have daily food consumption of foods considered healthy and rare of obesogenic foods according to FFQ, in addition to nutritional deficiencies according to R24h. Conclusion: The data point to the need for a greater follow-up of these patients in order to be able to track if the reported eating habits are maintained in the long term since they were not consistent with the results found.



Nutritional status, Chronic diseases, Food behavior

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Rbone-revista Brasileira De Obesidade Nutricao E Emagrecimento. Sao Paulo: Inst Brasileiro Pesquisa & Ensino Fisiologia Exercicio-ibpefex, v. 13, n. 80, p. 561-569, 2019.