Modelling elements for information exchange in information science and systems engineering


This work undertakes a reflection on modelling elements that can be used in an informational environment for the descriptive treatment of information and that are observed concurrently between Information Science and Systems Engineering. The objective is to reflect on elements of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) that can favor processes of exchanging information with the actors of a domain, observed from the perspective of Information Science and Systems Engineering within library automation processes. It is an exploratory research that uses literature review as a technical procedure. It enabled an appreciation of the functional layout of these academic areas to reach a procedural meeting through UML diagrams. It is considered that there are tools that can be applied together, contributing to the proximity between internal and external actors, and thus, with the characteristics of the domain addressed, keeping in view descriptive elements of the informational environment, in the perspective of granting efficiency and relevance not only in the domain analysis phase, but throughout the life cycle of systems development.



Cataloging, Information science, Interdisciplinary, Systems engineering, UML

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Ciencia da Informacao, v. 49, n. 1, p. 181-195, 2020.