Anestesia na pré-eclâmpsia

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Ganem, Eliana Marisa [UNESP]
Machado Castiglia, Yara Marcondes [UNESP]

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Background and Objectives - Although affecting a small obstetric population, pre-eclampsia is responsible for considerable maternal morbidity and mortality. Therefore, the adequate anesthetic control of this group is yet a challenge for anesthesiologists. This paper aimed at presenting pathophysiology, pharmacological treatment and anesthetic options to normal or surgical delivery in pre-eclampsia patients. Contents - Classification and terminology of pregnancy-induced arterial hypertension, its pathophysiology, changes in different systems and organs, general principles for patients' control and anesthetic options for normal or surgical delivery are described. Conclusions - The anesthesiologist's knowledge of the pathophysiology, treatment options, and pharmacological characteristics of drugs used to control arterial hypertension and prevent seizures, as well as their interactions with anesthetic drugs and techniques, may decrease perioperative complications and maternal and fetal mortality.



Anesthesia, Obstetric: pre-eclampsia

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Revista Brasileira de Anestesiologia, v. 52, n. 4, p. 481-497, 2002.