Alprostadil associated with low molecular weight heparin to treat limb ischemia caused by SARS-CoV2

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Filho, Marcos Antonio Bonacorso Manhanelli
Duarte Júnior, Eliud Garcia
Mariuba, Jamil Victor de Oliveira
Linardi, Fábio
Costa, José Augusto
Gali Filho, Julio Cesar
Yoshida, Winston Bonetti [UNESP]
Filho, Julio Cesar Gali

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The current coronavirus pandemic has already taken a great toll globally, causing massive morbidity and mortality. One of its severe forms is a thrombophilic state that can damage several systems. This article reports the case of 60-year-old female patient who presented with mild flu symptoms, which turned out to be a SARS-CoV2 infection, and ended up developing arterial thrombosis with limb ischemia in a private care hospital in Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil. Considering this progression, we decided to intervene with low molecular weight heparin and Alprostadil, achieving a good clinical outcome. Our description aims to identify key points and clinical signs that offer evidence of the therapeutic window and a treatment option for coagulatory presentations of COVID-19.



Arterial thrombosis, COVID-19, Heparin, Limb ischemia, Thromboembolism

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Jornal Vascular Brasileiro, v. 19, p. 1-7.