Team-Based Learning: a randomized clinical trial in undergraduate nursing

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Sakamoto, Sabrina Ramires [UNESP]
Queiroz Dell'Acqua, Magda Cristina [UNESP]
Fernandes Abbade, Luciana Patricia [UNESP]
Caldeira, Silvia Maria [UNESP]
Benato Fusco, Suzimar de Fatima [UNESP]
Garcia de Avila, Marla Andreia [UNESP]

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Assoc Brasileira Enfermagem


Objectives: To compare the knowledge on surgical safety through the team-based learning methodology and lecture classes for undergraduate Nursing students, and evaluate the learning satisfaction with team-based learning. Methods: Randomized, controlled, parallel, two-arm, unblinded clinical trial developed in the Faculty of Medicine of a public university in Botucatu, Brazil. The groups included 14 students for team-based learning and 11 students for lecture classes. Results: Students' apprehension of knowledge in the team-based learning group was significantly higher compared to the control group (p<0.002) by considering the pre-test results. After 30 days, there was no significant difference between groups. The experience with the methodology was considered positive among students. Conclusions: Team-based learning is an important pedagogic tool available and has proven effective in education and learning with students playing the role of protagonists.



Validation Studies, Nursing, Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial, Higher Education, Patient Safety

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Revista Brasileira De Enfermagem. Brasilia Df: Assoc Brasileira Enfermagem, v. 73, n. 2, 7 p., 2020.